Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Things to do in Dublin - Part 2

We recently went out to a night of comedy in the International Bar on Wicklow St in Dublin. For the princely sum of €10 we went into a tiny comedy club which was packed to the rafters.

We got our pints (after skipping a guy and then proceeding to knock his pint all over him) and sat down right on the stage. Now I don't like sitting in the front row at comedy gigs, not after the Kevin "Bloody" Wilson incident a few years back.

The gig was MCed by Aidan Bishop (i'd say he ius always described by who he is related to but i will skip the obvious). He did a pretty good job and his material was very funny. He introduced 4 acts, firstly a newbie student type. He was pretty poor on stage but we did spend the next few days quoting his jokes so we will not name him. He will come good.

All the comedy after that was excellent and the night ended with Joe Rooney trying out some new material.

I would definitely recommend this, €10, €8 for students for over 2 hours of good comedy.

Get their early to get a seat it gets paaaaaaacked!!!

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