Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Kevin "Bloody" Wilson incident

I went to see Kevin "Bloody" Wilson a few years back i nVicar St. in Dublin. The tickets were bought for me and we sat in the front row. It was pretty intimidating but I kept me head down so it would all be ok.

No eye contact and you will be fine I thought! Unfortunately it wasn't enough. The support act was playing, Jenny Talia was her name. We were enjoying this when some people approached and said you are sitting at our table. My friend said no we weren't and showed the ticket. As the person turned the ticket the ride way up to show a 9 and not a 6, my heart sank.

We got up and moved tables but Jenny didn't let this slip by. She stopped her song and asked me, "I bet you feel like a right c*** now!?"

I spent the night in mortification... Oh and to make matters worse the show was recorded for DVD. I have not bought it nor will I ever, just in case I made it into the final cut.

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