Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The search is on...

Manchester United made it to the Champions league final. It was tense but they got there. So now the search is on for those golden tickets to Moscow.

Let me know if you have one spare and are feeling generous!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Facebook is useful - Shock.

Facebook was kind of pointless. I've said it before. It was like bad email. But they recently added a chat facility and now I am really impressed. It might be time to ditch MSN messenger and move it all over to facebook. One site, and I can chat with friends who are online from a browser and nothing else.

I'm getting old but i like this new hip thing.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I was in Belfast yesterday paying a trip to IKEA. It is a mighty big shop but for some reason I thought it would be bigger.

I was checking my phone for messages and noticed that my background animation of Dublin's Ha'Penny bridge had been replaced by Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. So my phone picks up the country and displays an animation depending on that. I have to go on holiday soon to see what my phone will display.

On the way back from Belfast to Dublin we had to drive through Belfast rush hour and I was suprised to find it is worse than Dublin.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A black cat crossed my path.

Unfortunately I was travelling at about 40kmph on my motorbike at the time. The cat ran out from under a moving car, so he'd lost 1 life there and then darted straight at my front wheel.

I jammed on as best I could, but i couldn't stop in time. Luckily however the cat jumped and however I jammed on he jumped right through the gap between my front and back wheel and ran out the other side. I saw him run off in my rear view.

He wasn't limping but boy did he get a fright. That cat was down to at least 7 lives!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

About time...

Pope Benedict XVI is about to visit the US and he has spoken out about abuse in the Catholic Church in the US.

It is good to see that the Pope is speaking out about these things. He said he was deeply ashamed. Hopefully the fact the man at the top is taking notice, might mean that the people on the ground will sort this out, put checks and balances in place, make sure it doesn't happen and if it does that it is stamped out immediately and the full weight of the law is brought against the perpetrators.

That was a long sentence... I'm tired now.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Movie Review - Vantage Point

I saw Vantage Point last night and i wish i could view that 2 hours from another angle, a less boring and pointless angle.

It is about an assassination attempt on the American President and some other sub plots, yawn. It looked good on paper but in reality it was boring, cliched and just plain dull. I can't muster the energy to write any more about it, just this, do not go to see it.

Go watch something interesting. Something that might make you think for a few minutes. Or something that will entertain you!

What I've been up to...

Well tonight I've done some more DIY (destroy it yourself). I took down a load more tiles. It's all coming together. Then after that I sat down to do some web sites. I did some updates on Greendoor Ireland and on Alvehuset.

That's about it. And I have to say a big thank you to Emile Heskey and Wigan for drawing with Chelsea!

Go Man Utd! Go!

Friday, April 11, 2008


There have been a lot of protests about the Olympics being in China. I can understand peoples anger but they could direct it a bit better.

Why attack a torch relay when they can simply boycott the sponsers of the Olympics. Radical eh? It all comes down to money and if the sponsers are unhappy, the IOC will be made unhappy!

That might make them think twice about where they hold the games in future.


There are some lunatics in this world and some very strange people. This 'Diana Super Fan' takes the biscuit for me.

He wouldn't be surprised if a portrait of himself was hanging in Kensington Palace in 100 years. I'd be surprised!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So you are working late...

I'm sitting here at my laptop working away. I am trying to get through some websites I have outstanding and I am making good progress and what happens? The ftp connection to my servers is gone.

How frustrating is that?

I will have to change my set up to work offline!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've spent the last 2 evenings painting. I finally have the kitchen and dining room ready to paint :o) The original olour is now been replaced with white ready for a new colour to go with our new kitchen.

Have you ever noticed how long it takes to clean out a roller. I think there was more paint in it that on the walls.

Now I've got to get back to my web work!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Weekend

Yesterday we drove to Cork to visit friends. I actually drove most of the non motorway bits which was great practice. It's a shame all roads aren't traffic light free. I can drive in a straight line all day if you let me.

I saw a bit of Cork for the first time and St. Patrick's Hill, that is some hill. I wouldn't want to drop my apples at the top of that hill.

Had a nice dinner and then had a few drinks in a very republican pub. I had never heard the song, "My old man's a Provo" before, but everyone else seemed to knoe the words. All in all a good trip.

Now I am back in Dublin ready to go to sleep...


Friday, April 4, 2008

Domain Names

Fancy some Pizza.com? If you have $2.6 million to spare (I just checked, I don't). Mental note, auction all the domains I have. I might get about a dollar each.

It's been a long week!

This has been one of the busiest weeks I've had. In work I have been working harder than ever and I have about 4 websites currently on the go not to mention my own stuff. All of that doesn't include housework and my actual life.

I must remember to do the lottery so I can retire early :o)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Gardai!

Last night after finishing up some work (and my great blog entry about Bertie) I was heading to bed. I was setting the alarm when i heard a bang and our car was rolling down the driveway. Someone was trying to rob it.

I disturbed them so they only got to break the door and the window. I called the Gardai and they were there in 3 minutes. They took my details and went about their business. They passed by a few times during the night.

Roll on to today. We had a guy over to pick up the car to take it to be fixed (it's a classic you see). The Garda helicopter was above us (so I believe) and a minute later a Garda car turned up to check everything was ok. How great a service is that. It really makes you feel safe.

Well done and thanks to the Gardai.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bye Bye Bertie

Bertie Ahern today announced that he will be stepping down as Taoiseach from May 6th 2008. It is a sad day for him but I think it had to be done.

I await the outcome of the Mahon Tribunal and wonder was Bertie just bad with money rather than something more suspicious cough cough.

I think it is good for the country now that the politicians have no excuses but to get back to work and try and improve this country of ours. Get the health service in order, plough money and expertise into education and for the love of all things holy get your finger out on public transport.

We all want to be able to get home quickly to our well educated healthy families, what more could we ask for.

Now Enda, and Eamonn "Mr Personality" Gilmore, please try to push things forward and be positive there is no need for negative tactics all the time and now the biggest personality in Irish politics is retiring you might have a chance at the next election!

Arsenal Vs Liverpool Part 1

I watched a bit of this match tonight and was lucky enough to catch the goals. Is Ryan Babel's full name, Ryan Babel's First Touch Has Let Him Down, because everytime I see a game with him playing it is said at least once :o)

Oh how cruel!

Now let's hope the can give us a draw at the weekend too.

Drugs in Irish Sport - Shock

Andrew Bree has failed a drugs test. It seems to be the same mistake Alain Baxter made. I'm disappointed that another athlete has made this mistake and it is very unfortunate.

The big question for me is why don't Vick's make an inhaler specifically for athletes. They could charge a bit more for peace of mind. When will the multinational medical companies realise that they can make money in their business, if only they have the right attitude :o)

Hopefully Andrew will be treated better than Alain was!