Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another day, another bad driver

On my way in to work today a very fancy Jaguar did the old indicate and move trick. You know the one where you don't luck in your mirrors and try to bulldoze the person in the lane next to you.

Today it was me in that lane and I don't like the idea of a jaguar or any other car for that matter denting me.

I pointed out his folly :o) and drove on, only to be chased down the road at high speed and then overtaken.

I passed him perplexed at his behaviour.

Why do people have to be so aggressive on the road, normally I let this sort of incident pass with a shake of the head but the beeping and swearing, well they change the matter.

Lets all just take our time and calm down on the roads, being in the wrong lane isn't the end of the world, but moving without checking your mirrors may be the end of someone, so be careful.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Toy

Tonight I am blogging from my new toy, a Dell Inspiron Mini. It is a little netbook. Excuse any typos. I'm going to have to go on a finger diet or maybe gnaw flesh of so that i have pointier fingers.

So far so good, the speed is ok, the display is cool. The keyboard is a little tricky, making the shift key on the right so small is a right pain but I shall overcome.

Fn + right arrow for end though, come on! End is for convenience, alas that is no more.

So now I'm going to test out the battery life and get browsing.

Monday, December 15, 2008

A little slip

I haven't posted in a week and normally that means I am being lazy, this time I have an excuse. I fell of my bike on the ice on tuesday, and somehow that made me lazier.

I served me right for using my brakes on the ice rink of a road. The bike seems ok, I think I've pulled a muscle or two in my shoulder so all in all another lucky escape!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Operation Freeflow

I was riding home as usual this evening and the traffic was terrible around Liffey Valley and all the way up the exit at the Foxhunter. If you know the area, you will know what sort of bottle neck it is.

So I was making my way up the slip road, indicating that I'm turning left at the top, I'm starting to accellerate, about to zip past the stationery right turning traffic when a car pulls out in front of me. You know the type, indicate as you move, don't look around, "but he hit me officer" types.

Anyway, I avoided him and then as I approaced the top of the road I got a chance to pass him as he was waiting for a filter. He then veers towards me, I have to avoid and stop as he drives around the corner. All this because he was on his mobile.

All this under the watchful eyes of the Garda standing there at the traffic lights! He just stood their and looked as a guy driving erratically on a mobile phone went past!

I just don't get!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I went for a long run on Saturday. I got out in the freezing fog and did about 21k, around a half marathon. It felt good until near the end when I sort of twisted my right knee (it's recovered completely now).

It felt pretty good out there except for the cold and the bit where I nearly killed myself when a squirrel ran in front of me. I would have been suing the Tufty Club had I gone over.

It's a couple of days later now and I feel fine. So it's just a matter of booking a marathon....