Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nurses Strike

Who said statistics are a pile of steaming hooey? Everyone. But in this case it's true. A survey carried out by the website found that 79% were in support of the nurses action.

Is that a surprise? Not really considering the website is aimed at health professionals.

A new survey by the Irish Health News (also for health professionals) says that 43% of people support the action.

I wonder if they did a survey of non health professionals what the figures would be.

I think the nurses are unfortunate to be in the same pay scale as the pen pushers, because they need a degree to have the job and work longer hours but I personally don't think striking is the way to go. There is an implementation body in place for this exact reason.

If the government give them what they are asking for I wonder will there be more strikes on the cards?

I've worked in a semi-state body in the past and they had it so easy... but that's a whole other post!

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