Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bike Test

I had my bike test at the ludacrisly early time of 08:15 yesterday morning. I have not been well for the alst few days so getting up even earlier was hard, and I was very tired.

I dragged my ass over to Tallaght and started (after sitting in the waiting room for a few minutes). I felt nervous and although i knew I had got the questions right I weasn't 100% sure.

Then out to the bike.

"How do you check the brakes" he asked.

"Well you make the bike upright and check the brake fluid in this window here " (oh dear god, the window was empty).
"And you squeeze the brakes to see if they are spongy" (they feel spongy!!!!)

He was happy with that. He sent me out, drive around a bit, do a u-turn drive at walking pace all that jazz. Headed back and i was really nervous.

He came back to the desk and said "Very high standard, keep it up".

I was so relieved, now i'm looking forward to my insurace rebate.

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