Thursday, March 27, 2008

The cost of Calls

I had an issue with Paypal recently and had to spend some time on the phone with their support staff. It's all sorted now thankfully but I happened to check my phone bill online with O2. It turns out that the calls to Paypal had cost my around €12.

The issue is not with Paypal. They provide an 1890 number which is charged at the local rate no matter where you call from in Ireland. You can get a rough estimate of these charges from Eircom.

My O2 package is Active life 250 which gives me 250 anytime minutes a month. Minutes that I never fully use and this month was no different. It turns out that O2 anything minutes don't include locall 1890 numbers. That's a bit much but I suppose 5c a minute ain't so bad. But what is this? If you make any other calls over your 250 Active Life minutes you will be charged 25c a minute!!!!

Nice way to turn a profit O2. That is sly and I think unfair! So if you have a choice between a locall or local number take the local number it will probably be cheaper, and next time you are talking to o2 let them know what you think about this rip off.

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