Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly

On Thursday night I went to the Olympia theatre in Dublin to see "The Last Days of the Celtic Tiger". It's a play based on the Ross O'Carroll-Kelly books of which I have to admit, I have read and have liked (although the last few have been a bit too unoriginal).

On the most part the play was enjoyable, the accents were as poor as the people Ross was laughing at and the crowd burst into laughter when he said Ballymun and Tallaght (there was no joke, just the place names) so it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

There was one part of the play which really bugged me. There is a scene when his father has a soliloquy about all countries are founded on corruption and that if you have hidden a cheque from the tax man then you were as guilty as those at the planning tribunals. It was pointless and it struck me of the author trying to claw back some sense of identity other than that of his misguided protagonist (Have I just used that in a sentence, am i becoming one of them ???).

Would I recommend it? Only if you like the books, and if so, you've probably already been.

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