Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Gardai!

Last night after finishing up some work (and my great blog entry about Bertie) I was heading to bed. I was setting the alarm when i heard a bang and our car was rolling down the driveway. Someone was trying to rob it.

I disturbed them so they only got to break the door and the window. I called the Gardai and they were there in 3 minutes. They took my details and went about their business. They passed by a few times during the night.

Roll on to today. We had a guy over to pick up the car to take it to be fixed (it's a classic you see). The Garda helicopter was above us (so I believe) and a minute later a Garda car turned up to check everything was ok. How great a service is that. It really makes you feel safe.

Well done and thanks to the Gardai.

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