Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bye Bye Bertie

Bertie Ahern today announced that he will be stepping down as Taoiseach from May 6th 2008. It is a sad day for him but I think it had to be done.

I await the outcome of the Mahon Tribunal and wonder was Bertie just bad with money rather than something more suspicious cough cough.

I think it is good for the country now that the politicians have no excuses but to get back to work and try and improve this country of ours. Get the health service in order, plough money and expertise into education and for the love of all things holy get your finger out on public transport.

We all want to be able to get home quickly to our well educated healthy families, what more could we ask for.

Now Enda, and Eamonn "Mr Personality" Gilmore, please try to push things forward and be positive there is no need for negative tactics all the time and now the biggest personality in Irish politics is retiring you might have a chance at the next election!

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