Monday, May 14, 2007

The Evening Herald

I just walked passed a newspaper seller and today's headline says Harney's husband gets health service contract. Now I refuse to buy the rag but I wonder is there anything untoward happening there? As minister for health, does Mary Harney make such decisions or is it the HSE?

And is Mary Harney's husband a director of said company or just an employee? Enlighten me as I'm not going to buy the paper?

It got me to thinking about the lack of media outlets in Ireland. Independent News & media pretty much run all the evening newspapers in Ireland. This means these paper(is there more than one?) have a huge influence over the election, and printing sensational crap instead of actual journalism just doesn't held informed debate over actual issues in this election.

Let's ignore anything to do with Bertie's finances, or Mary Harney's husband. Let's talk about making this country better, better hospitals, better schools, safer streets etc.

Let's have a debate!

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