Monday, May 14, 2007

Careful Now!

I was riding home today from Tallaght to Lucan and I went up the Adamstown Road. Nothing unusual there. The weather was nice and I was cruising along. I was coming up to the roadabout and I slowed down as I do as it is a tight turn.

I get about 20 metres from the roundabout and I'm leaning slightly. And the front wheel completely lost grip and went on safari. They had put down an anti stick surface and it had not bound to the road so it was like sand.

I had just enough time, and going nice and slow to correct it before I would have been bounding straight through a roundabout or sliding along on my ass.

I was a bit shaken as i came to the next junction which had the same thing, at least this time there was a traffic cone that might imply something was going on, but no signs.

It is hard enough riding a bike in Dublin with the plethora of idiots out there without the councils putting booby traps in your way!

Put signs up for god sake!

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