Monday, March 30, 2009

Confusing technologies

I've spent the last few weeks working on php, xml, xslt and ubuntu. I have got sick of ubuntu and not being able to install anything so I am working on my dell mini at the moment which is a lifesaver.

I've not been able to get xslt and php working anywhere except my live server so I have to be online to work on it, which is a pain.

I've been working on a letting site for a friend of mine in Norway and if I ever get it up and running I will put up the link.

I have learned some useful stuff though, like you need iso-8859-9 encoing on your xml to display norwegian characters.

I'm out of here before the battery goes


Anonymous said...

Having spent the last few days faffing around with diacritics in an LMS I think nordic languages are covered by ISO-8859-10 not ISO-8859-9 :-)

RedTomato said...

really? 9 worked for the ΓΈ but that is the only one I tried so far.