Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eamon Ryan, man of the people.

The economic downturn is all our fault according to Eamon Ryan, green man of the people. Over indulgence he says, more travelling, bigger houses, bigger cars, it's all our fault.

It's nothing to do with mishandling of lending by all financial institutes that ended up biting them on the ass. It's not down to the speculators making a fortune off oil and it's nothing to do with the government not putting in place a public transport infrastructure. It's not down to that. It's our own fault.

Thanks Eamon!


JL Pagano said...

In the link you provide, Ryan only says the Irish people "helped" burst the Celtic Tiger, not that it's "all our fault", and in a way, he has a point.

That being said, he could be deflecting attention away from the fact that things only began to go bad when the Greens came to power!

Best part of your link is where it says that Cowen & Lenihan were compared to The Two Ronnies. Classic.

RedTomato said...

I was being a bit glib alright. The point I was making is that the current "recession" or "down-turn" is more down to international matters and risk taking financial institutions than Irish consumerism.

But a comment on my Blog! Brilliant, thanks!