Thursday, May 15, 2008

If I were a painter...

A Francis Bacon painting sold for a staggering £43 Million Pounds. That sure is a lot of moolah. The painting that sold, "Triptych, 1976" somehow got me thinking about a Lucian Freud portrait I had seen years ago.

The portrait in question is called "The Painter Surprised by A Naked Admirer.". It is a zany picture of himself with a naked woman clutching his leg, it reminded me of stories that Francis Bacon would pay outstanding dates with a painting. What a life to live. What will me next work be? Ah yes, a naked woman clutching my leg as I look surprised. I think the surprise is he can get away with it.

I then came across this great interview with Freud from the Sunday Telegraph. The highlight for me is "I used to have a lot of fights. It wasn't because I liked fighting; it was really just that people said things to me to which I felt the only reply was to hit them." I'm having a very similar feeling right now :o)

Artists, a breed apart.

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